Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs

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316 Fysh Road
Millmerran Q 4357

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Welcome to Yondale Designs!

Yondale Designs came about in June 2005, the name 'Yondale' holding special significance as this is our Breeder's Prefix for our Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs.

We are located at Millmerran on the Darling Downs in the south eastern corner of Queensland, where summers are hot and our three children are growing up far too quickly.    Through our combined diverse interests, we seek inspiration from the simple things in life. 

This website offers personally hand stamped silver jewellery and pendants, beautiful silver jewellery imported from all corners of the world,  stumpy dogs, daylilies and more...

Yondale Designs has prepared and maintained Websites since 2005, but at present our range of hand stamped jewellery is our focus.  We are not taking any NEW Clients for website design at the present time.

We can also be found on Facebook - if you want to keep track of our new jewellery lines, upcoming markets  and general happenings (within reason!), click here Note you do not have to have a Facebook Account or 'be on facebook', just view the page, in the left hand margin click on 'photos', and have a look around. 

Keep checking back, things are always getting updated one way or another!

Cheers, and enjoy.

Ross & Bronte Harris